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  •   我眼中的夏天

       likeSummer vacation.I like it because I can go outside to play.If it rains,I can stay inside and play checkers.And this summer my family may go to Beijing,because we have not been there yet.Do you know what I don't like? I don't like homework during summer vacation."This is so difficult,"I complain.But once I begin to do it,I always stop complaining.I just try to finish it quickly so I can have a good time for …… [我眼中的夏天]


      Do you know what I like? Summer vacation. I like it because I can go outside to play. If it rains, I can stay inside ……




      It rains a lot in summer。 The day gets longer and the night gets shorter in summer。It's very hot in summer。 We often go swimming in summer。 It's hot in both north and south China。 ……[介绍夏天用英语]

    I love summer very much. In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Girls love to wear dresses and skirts. ……[详细]
    I love summer very much。 In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy。 People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses。 Girls love to wear dresses and skirts。 ……[详细]
    Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air。 It is the season for baseball which is often called the national sport because of its popularity。……[详细]
    It is true that summer is hot, very hot. But the wicked summer sun is nothing to me, for I don't usually go out. What I like to do best during the l……[详细]
    Summer is the second season in a year. It is between spring and autumn. The sun of summer is the hottest; the water of summer is the warmest; ……[详细]

      Each summer in the late 1960s, my two sisters and I would ride the Greyhound bus from Arizona to Arkansas to stay with our father。 A World War II veteran, Dad had many medical problems, any one of which could cause many people to lose more than their sense of humor,but not him。I have vivid memories of Dad waking us up in the morning。 Before he’d put on his legs for the day (he had lost his legs after his discharge), his wheelchair was his mobility。 Holding his cane,which was his extended arm,he would roll through the house yelling,"Up, up, up! Get up and face the day! It’s a beautiful day! ……[详细]

      Summer is the second season in a year. It is between spring and autumn. The sun of summer is the hottest;the…… [详细]
      The summer arrived, I most like the season was the summer. I like in the summer swimming, I like in the summer eating the…… [详细]
      童年的记忆总是既清晰又模糊,清晰地记得有娃娃雪糕的夏天,却不太记得究竟是什么味道了。我们有多少年没有…… [详细]
      炎炎夏日,约上三五好友,几杯冰爽啤酒下肚,已经成为时下很多人消夏的生活方式。今天小编就为大家介绍夏日喝酒的好…… [详细]
      首先我们来看看防晒必备用品都有什么。第一防晒霜(sunscreen)和防晒油(sunblock)是必不可少的。…… [详细]
      我国大部地区饱受高温炙烤之苦。在副热带高压的控制下,南方地区持续出现高温天气,北方的气温也明显上升,热浪…… [详细]


      For many years, adventure writer Peter Heller had nurtured a secret dream: to drop everything and go off to a tropical paradise and learn how to surf.

      When an old friend moved to Huntington Beach, California - ……



      有都市的喧嚣, 远离红尘烦扰。 在暖暖的午后听几曲缠绵的歌曲, 让身边有温馨的色素渲染。。。 沉默的领地,一曲自己的心曲无遮无拦地飘起,

      那些羞涩的心跳,轻扬的忧郁, 一切还原成氲氤的旋律在耳边轻唱 ……

      夏天的微笑:Avril Lavigne - Smile

       Artist:Avril LavigneSong:SmileYou know that I'm a crazy bitch,I do what I want when I feel like it,All I wanna do is loose control,But you don't really give a shit,

      You go with go with go with it,Cause you're fucking crazy rock-n-roll ……

      那时候的夏天:Once Upon A Summertime

      Once Upon A Summertime,写于1959年的老歌,被很多歌手翻唱过。夏天已经悄悄来了,熏热的阳光,困倦的午后,你记忆中无数个夏天的画面,有没有以一种打乱了时间顺序的方式重叠在一起?

      Artist:The Innocence MissionSong:Once Upon A Summertime Once ……

      爵士迷离:Sophie Milman


      I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string ……

      Katy Perry夏日新单曲:California Gurls

      音乐小魔女Katy Perry的I Kissed A Girl是不是还环绕在你耳边久久不绝?这个夏天,Katy又带着她的新专辑准备刺激一下你已然蠢蠢欲动的心了。

      发单曲California Gurls便是这样一首让你听后迫不及待想飞去加州享受阳光……

      叮叮咚咚,夏日欢欣: Again And Again

       这首Again And Again是The Bird And The Bee的首支单曲,也是《实习医生格雷》的插曲。拍手声、铃鼓、大贝斯与Inara慵懒的歌声拼贴一起,成为夏天里最舒适也最轻松的听觉享受。

      Its a shame, its a shame, its a perfect shame. Creep under my door, and we do it again, oh. ……


      Snap the tough stalks from the asparagus. Thinly slice the spears with a large sharp knife and place in icy water. ……


      Put yogurt and almonds into bowl. Mix well. Spoon half of yogurt mixture over broken cookies. ……


      Slice the cooked beetroot into 4mm thick slices. Peel the oranges, removing the white pith and slice into 4mm slices. ……


       Prepare the tomatoes first. Parboil the tomatoes for one minute in boiling water that has just been removed from the burner. Drain. ……


      This dessert is made using egg whites only, no yolks, and during baking develops a delicious golden crust that ……


      Seeing their juicy red flesh in the shops is a sign that summer is on its way,But this year your strawberries could be as white .……

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